Mutantur Omnia Nos Et Mutamur In Illis

“All things change, and we change with them.”
Go with it, fuck.. no, uhmm yeah, and then no. (I might be the only one who undestands this) Screw this! 
There’s no turning back now. Delete.
Until I finally deleted every single one of my post on all of my accounts. Well except for Facebook and Twitter. 
Favoritism? Not really.
I just felt the need to change the way I do things. Main goal, to be more mature on the internet, well that’s what I keep on telling myself, does that even exist?
Okay, I take it back. I am aiming to be more responsible this time.
I just want to express how I feel without having the need to impress other people. Yes, I felt the need, and in return I lost total interest on updating my accounts which led to the deletion of all of my posts which by the way took a lot of time.
Now that I think I can manage my time well, I am up to the challenge of posting every once in a while. 
Even had the attempt to change the layouts of my pages. 
Asked my Mom about the layout, by the way she doesn’t even know how to use a computer. And she hated my blogger layout, she said it’s too old- fashioned. How dare she!
Updated everything as well. Well most of them.
I opted to stay with my old theme because I paid $9 for it and I have all the intention in the world to use it. 
Lastly, I made a photo blog. Finally, it’s about time I have a separate account which will be the home of my photos. Nothing really special, just an account to dump my pictures. Be it photos of food and stuff. 
With all of these said and done. I am hoping for a better, a much better internet experience. I don’t know if what I did was right, but it felt right back then, and it still feels good. 
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